Monday, September 6, 2010

Presenting Child Portrait Contest Winner, Asa!

One year old Asa was a BLAST! A true boy, he was interested in only 3 things, rocks, trucks and balls.  His mom wanted to shoot at the lake, so away we went! The shoot started with Asa realizing that the best game involved tossing his ball down the hill for his mom to grab and throw back up to him… He had a blast kicking his ball all over the place and he even somehow convinced me to stop taking photos for a minute to toss/roll/kick the ball around myself!  After a bit, we walked over to the water where Asa discovered the rocks. He loved them and simply couldn’t get enough of throwing them into the water. I think my favorite moment was watching him yell into the trees after I gave the tree a hug to show him how big it was!

_DSC5417 _DSC5510


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