Sunday, June 6, 2010

Shooting with Patty and Kristin

I had a shoot with a friend of my hubby’s, Kristin. She has been taking hip hop classes dance classes in her free time and so we decided that the outdoor portion of the shoot would be in some of her hip hop gear.  She wore a pair of sweats, a hat, and a sweatshirt over a cute top.  To go with the urban look, we decided we would do some shoots in a kind of an urban grungy area.  And what better urban grungy area than an alley behind a bar?  In the middle of the shoot it began pouring, so we had two choices, we could either head indoors to the studio, or head to a nearby covered bridge. Naturally, I went with the covered bridge and off we went. As we were shooting, we ran into Patty, from the prom shoot, who is also a friend of Kristin’s and took her with us to the studio for the two to do a join shoot. 

While rummaging through different wardrobe options, we  came across some fun finds. A huge pair of black wings with marabou trim, and some peacock feathers.  Kristin pulled on an outfit and attached the peacock feathers as Patty covered herself in some artificial leaves. Paired together, we had a fun shoot that was very faery-esque.  After shooting with the two of them, we did some more single shots with each of them.

MMKristin    _DSC1938


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