Thursday, June 3, 2010

Prom Shoot with Patty and Jacklyn

I did a prom Photoshoot with my friend Tommy Landrum, a local Cottage Grove photographer.  Working with Tommy was a lot of fun, almost more so even than working with our two lovely models.  As Tommy is a studio photographer, and I am a natural light photographer, working together also involved a lot of teaching each other as well! I loved working with him and hope to do so again soon. 

Working with Patricia and Jacklyn was fun as well!  Patricia is an aspiring model and is a perfect natural in front of the camera. She knew where and how to pose herself with little to no help from me.  Jaclynn, while a bit awkward at first, ended up loosening up after awhile and the two friends seems to have had a lot of fun and we got great shots of the two girls both individually and together!


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